Chilean physician Dr Jorge Lolas provides a new perspective on the causes and treatment of severe PMS in his book Premenstrual Syndrome from a New Perspective.

His work, completed in Latin America and the United States, offers a comprehensive approach to this serious public health problem that affects a high percentage of the female population.  Dr.  Lolas identifies a great variety of symptoms in women who present severely developed PMS experience.  These may include depression, irritability, insomnia, chronic fatigue, headaches, breast tenderness, pelvic discomfort, frigidity, bloating, fluid retention, skin problems, acne, dry skin, bags under the eyes, hypoglycemia, bulimia, weight gain etc.  In total there are more than one hundred symptoms described in the medical literature that may be attributed to PMS but which are currently treated independently, in a symptomatic or palliative way by diverse Medical Specialists.

Dr. Jorge Lolas proposes a revolutionary thesis that allows the medical profession to achieve healing of all the symptomatic manifestations of PMS by application of a comprehensive treatment methodology.  He has researched this problem for more than forty years and has concluded that PMS is an illness generated by toxic-inflammatory  secretions (prostaglandins and inflammatory citoquine mediators) which are produced in response to a chronic low grade inflammation of the uterus (UTERINE CERVIX).  The inflammatory agents on entering the blood stream affect the whole body, resulting in the plethora of multisystemic inflammatory symptoms that each month a high percentage of women around the world experience.

Dr. Lolas has developed a treatment that is administered directly to the uterine cervix and that aims to eliminate the inflammatory processes and chronic infections that produce the toxic-inflammatory secretions.  This treatment allows an effective improvement of the many severe symptoms associated to PMS, thus ending the life of pharmaco or hormonal dependency that hundreds millions of women around the world are subjected to.