How many times have I written out in my mind what my next blog post would be, and then when I get home and sit down at the computer, I put on my “working cap” (I work from home) and the blog just never gets updated! Since my last blog post, I wrote an article that has generated a bit of interest, called “What is Chronic Cervicitis? Why Should You Care?” and at the end of the article, I posted actual photos of my own cervix, before treatment, during treatment, and after (the main) treatment.  I have also been trying to stay up to date in the PMDD Facebook forums, namely “PMDD Get Healthy!” where I’ve been updating my latest treatments and staying in touch with other women living with PMDD.


With that said, I keep promising to update my blog with this information, so I’m going to copy and paste the main points from this conversation below.

April 7, 2015

Me: Update with my Lolas treatment. I had the fourth injection to my cervix last Thursday. The difference in my cervix is nothing short of amazing. It was very red and inflamed before, and now the lower half is now completely pink, and the upper half, although it’s still red, is no longer completely inflamed.
So, my cervix is being healed, how about my moods? I told my doctor that the true test would be after I ovulate, which happened over the weekend. So far, I have NOT had any major mood swings, I have not been dealing with major anxiety or depression as before. Is this too good to be true? I’ll keep you all updated.

Comment: I have an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow, with whom I trust and love more than my OBGYN. She is more receptive and understanding about all issues. I’m going to mention this to her.

Me: My doctor is going to write an article about this experience, but we wanted to make sure that I didn’t have the major mood swings before my period.
Any chance your doctor can read Spanish? If so, there is a TON of info already available, if not, on there is a ‘translate’ link on the left hand side of the page, the translation isn’t great, but it’s good enough to get the main point. She can also contact my doctor, Enrique Vazquez-Vera, who is bilingual and is directly in contact with Dr. Lolas. As a matter of fact, Dr. Lolas speaks some English and would be more than happy to talk to anyone who wants more information directly from him. I have his direct phone number, if you want it I can PM it to you.

Comment: Did you have to pay for this treatment?

Me: Yes. We’re not yet at the clinical research study stage, so my doctor diagnosed me with cervicitis so that insurance would cover the treatment. Really, if you google that disease, the pictures are very similar to what my cervix looked like, so it’s not really a stretch.
When he did a biopsy, they didn’t find any known bacterias, but there were white blood cells present, which is a sign of infection. So, just because your pap smear comes back “normal” it doesn’t mean that everything is healthy.

Comment: Anyone else have a problem with the new guidelines that only require a pap every 3-5 years? It just worries me. My doctor tried not to do one last year even though she said “your insurance will cover it.” I made her do one. She then proceeded to say that I wouldn’t need one this year. I plan to have one again.

Me: Have you asked for the results? I wouldn’t settle for them to just tell you they are “normal”. I’ve made that mistake too many times. If I had asked for the actual results instead of relying on my doctor’s to tell me they were “normal” I might have had some answers earlier.

Comment: How many more treatments do you have? How long does it last?

Me: The length of the treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms. My treatment is supposed to go 8 weeks (one treatment per week), so I’m half-way through. I have been going through acupuncture and have dramatically changed my diet as well, so I think that’s why my body has responded so quickly.
I recently had my blood drawn for an food allergy test, so I’ll get the results of that this Thursday, and with that will hopefully continue to improve my health. (PMDD isn’t my only issue…)

April 17, 2015

Comment: I was very interested about Lolas treatment I was considering even going to Chile but my desire to have a normal life soon made me set up and apptm with my gyn to request a hysterectomy, I got in contact with one Dr. Lolas patient and she told me her treatment lasted about a year in Chile and that the injections didn’t make her feel better rather than the ice?surgery? I don’t know how how he calls the surgery. She said her symptoms were cure 99% ,but for me it’s really a long time for waiting / staying in Chile….is Dr. Vargas getting instructed still by Dr. Lolas is he learning the treatment including the ice surgery? My appt. it’s today I am very decided to request a hysterectomy but I would like to know there is other hope out there here in USA ,I have 4.5 triplets at home that makes more difficult /impossible to be away from home for so long

Me: Each case is different, and the average treatment by Dr. Lolas is about 3 months. If someone has a particularly difficult case, it can take much longer. Did you talk to Maria Teresa? She is in the documentary about Dr Lolas’ treatment, and her case took a little longer, and the cryo-surgery is what really helped her.
If you are able to get a hysterectomy and that’s what’s best for you, go for it! It is a “cure” for this disorder, and has helped many women (my sister’s included).
I had my 6th treatment on Wednesday, and my cervix is healing up SO well! I have still been a little anxious this past week, as my period is coming soon, but the level of my PMDD is dramatically improved. I hope that next month it will be even better, if not gone completely.
I hope the best for you! We each need to make the decisions that will work best for ourselves and our families. A full hysterectomy is not something I want to do, so I’m grateful that I found an alternative treatment. I just hope that we can get this treatment more available as soon as possible.

Comment: I don’t remember the name of the patient because everything was gone when FB disabled my account, but it was not Maria Teresa….that’s fine I understand every case it different you are fortunate to live in Florida close to Dr. Vargas .
Would you mind sharing dr. Vargas and Dr. Lolas phone number please. Today I want to try to convince my doctor to contact them .thanks in advance and I am happy you are seeing improvements already.

Me:  It might be best to email them first, I know at least Dr. Vazquez-Vera has a very busy practice and it’s difficult to get him on the phone.
His email address is, and Dr. Lolas’ address is If you include your phone number with Dr. Lolas, he may give you a call, he likes talking on the phone!

April 20, 2015

Comment: how are you feeling and how is the treatment going?

Me: I’m feeling pretty good! I had some issues last week, my period came on Saturday, but it was nothing like before. I only had one bad week, as opposed to 3, and it wasn’t even as bad as it used to be! I have treatment #7 tomorrow. I hope that this month my PMDD is virtually non-existent. I really hope we can get this treatment available as an option for more women as soon as possible. Hysterectomy is a great option for some women, but I think this treatment should be available before going that route. If major surgery can be avoided, then it should.

April 24, 2015

Comment: What antibiotic is he using?

Me: I’m not sure which one of these medications is the antibiotic and which is the anti-inflammatory:
Ceftriaxone 250mg inj (this is probably the antibiotic…)
Ketorolac 30mg/ml vial
My doctor calls these meds into the pharmacy, I pick them up and then go to my appointment. I’ll post more about the method in a moment.

I also pick up Metronidazole Vaginal Gel (metrogel for short) and bring it to the doctor’s office. I also apply it every single night right before laying down. As I’m in the last 2 weeks of the treatment, I just started oral medications also.
Of note: Dr. Lolas uses “cryo-surgery” in the treatment, but my doctor does not have access to the machine needed, so he uses something else to exfoliate the cervix. I believe it’s Silver Nitrate, but I just texted him to find out for sure.

(I then shared pictures of my cervix, which you can see at the end of the article here.)

Cut to April 30, 2015

Me:  I believe my last treatment is today. I love that I can experience regular emotions that aren’t hampered by an SSRI, but I don’t have the extreme mood swings that came with PMDD. I’m going into the luteal phase right now, so I should be raging, but I’m not! Hopefully the week right before my period comes I’m just as calm.

Comment: What is this process called?

Me: In English, we refer to it as the Lolas Treatment. I’m updating my blog as much as I can, but there is a lot of information available in Spanish, which you can translate through Google Translate. More information:

July 13, 2015

Comment: Can you give us an update on how you’re doing now that your treatments have concluded?

Me: Yes! So, when the main course of my treatments concluded, I barely had any PMDD symptoms, and my period lasted only 2.5 days. Two and a half days!! Crazy. So, I was really excited about the month to come, but about a week before my period was to start, I started feeling anxious, irritable, angry, but not nearly to the degree as before. It was still uncomfortable though. My period came and it lasted 5 days, but it was fairly light and NO clots. So, this past cycle, I went back to Dr. Vazquez for a follow up treatment, he got me in 2 weeks in a row before leaving on vacation on July 1st. Last week, I found myself getting slightly irritable again, I had some anxiety on Saturday, and sure enough, my period started yesterday morning. It’s light, I don’t have any cramps, I could feel my cervix dilating yesterday, but other than that, no pain.
I still consider myself PMDD-free, as my current symptoms do not lay me out like they used to. I do still have PMS, but it’s manageable. I would like to be 100% cured though, so I’m hoping that the 2nd part of the treatment – cryo-surgery – becomes possible for me soon. Dr. Vazquez will need to go to Chile to be trained personally by Dr. Lolas on the surgery part of the treatment. So, for me to get that part of the treatment might still be a year away. In the meantime, I feel great!


Manda Sue